Discover all the exciting features of our leading messaging platform to appreciate how you can engage with your customers via text message. All features can be fully integrated with your existing platform or application using our API.

Key Features

Instant Brand Recognition - Send from Your Name not a Number

Let your customers know who you are immediately by replacing your outbound long number with a customised sender name, up to 11 characters. This enables you to display your company or brand name for personalisation of your messages and allows your recipients to instantly recognise the sender of the SMS.

Immediate Customer Replies

At no extra cost per message, your customers can reply to your message, just like they would if they were texting back to a good friend. This is a very clever standard feature of our wonderful software.

For example, you can re-confirm a customer booking by asking them to text back a reply. This feature is guaranteed to reduce no shows and increase footfall in any business, from beauty spas through to bars and restaurants. Rest assured, you won’t need to worry whether or not people are going to show up for your latest event, they can text back to let you know.

Dedicated Opt out Code for every client

It is important to ensure that your customers have the opportunity to easily opt out of your SMS marketing by giving them an opt-out code. Once they have opted out we send them an immediate acknowledgement, so that their preferences are recorded and they know you have acted on their request.

One-to-one Customer Personalisation

Intxt holds your customers’ details on a secure server, automatically matching them to their mobile phone numbers for instant access to personalisation options.

Automatic Data Validation

Intxt will automatically cleanse the data for duplicates, landlines and/or invalid data during the secure upload process. This ensures your campaign is as cost effective as possible.

Auto Replies to Opt Outs as well as Campaigns

Let customers know you’ve received their reply by sending an Auto-Reply message. On receiving a particular reply from a customer, Intxt can automatically send a further acknowledgement message.

Schedule Message Delivery at the Perfect Time

We can schedule messages to be sent at the optimum moment for your target audience. If you have a large campaign with different data segments then we can schedule messages at your chosen time throughout the day, week, month or even year. Your campaign manager will be able to explain best practices around timing campaigns for optimum response and minimal opt outs.

Real-Time Reporting

Keeping an eye on progress couldn’t be easier. We can generate message history reports with ease so you can view the messages you have sent, see those that have been successfully delivered and those that received a response. This gives you complete control of your campaign in real time.


Intxt provides a fully published set of API commands, allowing you to replicate all functionality that is provided through the Intxt online application directly from your own business system.

Please see the Services tab, where there is a detailed explanation about API integration and how it can be used to your advantage.

Short Codes and Keywords

Short codes are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers.

Keywords are account specific words linked to short codes and when coupled, these two things can be used to capture mobile phone contacts or opt-outs (e.g. “To opt-out text STOP to 60676” where STOP is the key word and 60676 is the short code.)

Email or SMS Alert of Incoming Replies

Intxt can send an SMS and/or email to a specified mobile or email address which will alert you to replies relating to specific campaigns, so that you can stay informed of your campaigns progress.

You can receive a summary, for example "You have received 52 responses to your campaign" and a full extract of these replies can also be sent to an email address. This gives you the flexibility to send alerts at a summary level to a manager and the detailed replies to the team who will actually deal with them.

Depending on your specific business requirements and personal preferences you can set when you receive the alerts through a calendar (scheduler). This means you can receive regular updates throughout the day or one update at a designated time.


URLs can easily be included in the content of a text message. The best way to include a URL within a text message is to use an abridged version. To abridge a URL, we simply reduce the standard URL so that a minimum amount of characters is used. Shortening the URL does not compromise any of the embedded content but it leaves you more characters available for your campaign message.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

A Quick Response (QR) code looks like this and can be used as an effective marketing tool:


QR Codes work like a barcode and are used to record information, like URLs, email addresses and so on. An image sensor (such as a mobile phone camera) will quickly detect the 2-dimensional digital image by correctly configuring the boxes in the corners. The smaller dots are then changed to a binary configuration and checked with the software to ensure it’s the right information.

QR codes can be 'customised' to include your logos, videos or other images as required and URLs can also be embedded to direct people to a web page for quick information about a product or service. They can also be included on all existing advertising you currently do from television, to journals, magazines and newspapers etc. One of the key operational uses for using a QR Code is to capture a person’s mobile number, which you can then use in future marketing campaigns (allowing you to develop your opt-in database).

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Fully Managed Service

Our team of mobile messaging experts can create and manage your SMS campaigns, from design to delivery, leaving you to focus on your day to day.

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Data Solutions

Target the right demographic at the right time using our data solutions to ensure your message gets to the right audience

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Client Testimonials

"We looked at several options but liked the way Intxt can send bulk texts quickly and provide us with reply updates to suit the needs of our business. We were surprised by the speed and accuracy of the responses and also by the amount of business we have generated from the campaigns. I have recommended Intxt to several companies all of which have been more than happy with the results. "

"I have found Intxt a fantastic company to work with, very professional and in every campaign, they have offered valuable advice and assisted me in choosing the right promotion for us. Other than putting together a sentence for the actual text message, all of the work and effort is dealt with by Intxt, leaving very little for me to do. We received daily reports listing enquiries and responses and I would have no hesitation in recommending Intxt to other companies considering doing SMS marketing."

"Intxt has provided our business with the opportunity to deploy SMS campaigns in order to contact clients through an alternative channel. We have seen huge impact through SMS, driving sales and engagement. Intxt provide an outstanding service - on call whenever we need a campaign deployed as well as being extremely helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend Intxt."

"I have been using the services of Intext (Hourglass Technologies) for the last year. The advice that they have given me, because I am new to this business, has been unbiased and invaluable. They have both recognised the financial constraints and budgetary controls that I have to work within and have tailored their services accordingly."

"Intxt have constantly provided us with an efficient and reliable service which has allowed us to get messages to our contacts quickly and cost effectively. We have developed a great relationship with the team there who are all friendly, helpful and dedicated to their work. Absolutely no complaints from us and we would definitely recommend them to others!"