Data Services

It is essential that the data used in your SMS campaign is accurate, of good quality and reflects the type of audience that you are looking to reach with your campaign strategy. This is vital, not only for the success of your campaign but also to meet best practice and DPA regulations.

Intxt automatically cleanses your data of errors and duplications but if you require additional numbers for your campaign we can assure you that any data we help you source will be targeted and accurate and will comply with all regulations.

Our Data Sources

Company Directors & Secretaries at Home

Data Source: Companies House
2.5 million individuals, 4.3 million directorships


Data Source: Companies House
1.1 million individuals, 3.2 million shareholdings by company, number and value

House Values

Data Source: Land Registry
2.3 million values by sales prices and date sold

Head of Household Attainers

Data Source: Local Authorities
2.8 million individuals, 17 million households including council tax bands and length of residency

Transactional Data

Data Source: Call Centre Data
4.3 million individuals by family status, mortgage arrears, house type, home ownership, income, quantity and age of children.

Spending Habits, Gender & Age

Data Source: SMS/Mobile & Postal Channel matched pooled data
9 million individuals.

Lifestyle & Interests

Data Source:
8.5 million individuals by interests, spending habits, lifestyle, gender, age and family

Household Demographics

Data Source: Census Data

Key Features

Database cleansing and enhancement

Your contact database is an asset to your company and it is therefore essential that it is accurately maintained. Where resources are limited, Intxt can provide a full data cleansing service.

We can help you to suppress contacts that are duplicated, invalid, have moved house, ceased or requested not to receive communications.

Acquire new data to suit your needs

We can help you to source data based on your target audience demographics. During a 12-month lease period, you can start to build an opted-in SMS database to which you can broadcast indefinitely (with the exception of any opt-outs from your campaigns).

Data appends

Intxt can add value through enhancing your data. We can append your data at various levels to provide added insight, which will help you when targeting your SMS campaigns.

HLR checking

In short terms, HLR (Home Location Register) is a cleaning programme, which identifies live, active numbers and highlights the numbers that are no longer in use. We recommend SMS/mobile records are HLR checked to ensure that you are only reaching out to live, active mobile phones that are being used.

About our Data Partner

Our data partner has access to a prospect data pool of over 45 million consumer records. The available population has either made a purchase or registered for a product or service online. These include: insurance & finance enquiries directors, investors, Census, Electoral Roll and call centre records.

Surveys conducted over the telephone and online are used to add an extra layer of detail to the records, which enhances the precision of the data selection & targeting.

Geo-demographic and socio economic overlays provide the ability to select consumers by 85 financial and investment profiles, from the wealthiest high flyers to the sub-prime and high credit risk households. Data variables can be selected for your target audience so that you can run a variety of campaigns across different marketing channels, including SMS and direct mail.

Our data partner’s compliance policies ensure that every record strictly complies with The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) code of practice and The EU Electronic Communications Act.

Data Maintenance Procedures

Data is maintained on a 0-12 month cycle of adding fresh records, verifying existing records and removing records that are no longer valid. Included within this process are new data feeds, the Electoral Roll, goneaway suppressions, Postcode Address File (PAF), Mailing Preference Service (MPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS), The Mortality File, consumer surveys & transactional data updates.

Data Security

Intxt treats the security of our customers' data as an absolute priority. Also, the reliability of our service is ensured through the secure connection of our SMS gateway into the main mobile network SMS centres (SMSC).

As such, Intxt; 

  • Never claims ownership of the content, including customer names and mobile numbers you submit or make available for inclusion through the Intxt application or service.
  • Will return in electronic format (at the request of our clients) all their customers data including names and mobile numbers and then delete them from our system if and when requested.
  • Never resells your stored data. Your personal details, your uploaded contact information, your captured mobile numbers will all be kept safe on our secure servers.
  • Ensures systems access is always logged and tracked for auditing purposes
  • Provides fully documented change control procedures
  • Uses best practices in the random generation of initial passwords
  • Ensures all passwords, contact and message data is encrypted during transmission (256bit SSL).
  • Has dedicated firewall services to help block unauthorised system access.
  • Uses additional inbuilt protocols to prevent message spoofing (unauthorised injection into our SMS message stream).
  • Has all online financial transactions securely handled via SagePay.
  • Has PCI/DSS checked by Trustwave.
  • Offers a custom installation, locked to a customer’s specified IP addresses (configured within Apache Web Services).
  • Has real time data replication to backup servers.
  • Provides off-site backups

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Client Testimonials

"We looked at several options but liked the way Intxt can send bulk texts quickly and provide us with reply updates to suit the needs of our business. We were surprised by the speed and accuracy of the responses and also by the amount of business we have generated from the campaigns. I have recommended Intxt to several companies all of which have been more than happy with the results. "

"I have found Intxt a fantastic company to work with, very professional and in every campaign, they have offered valuable advice and assisted me in choosing the right promotion for us. Other than putting together a sentence for the actual text message, all of the work and effort is dealt with by Intxt, leaving very little for me to do. We received daily reports listing enquiries and responses and I would have no hesitation in recommending Intxt to other companies considering doing SMS marketing."

"Intxt has provided our business with the opportunity to deploy SMS campaigns in order to contact clients through an alternative channel. We have seen huge impact through SMS, driving sales and engagement. Intxt provide an outstanding service - on call whenever we need a campaign deployed as well as being extremely helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend Intxt."

"I have been using the services of Intext (Hourglass Technologies) for the last year. The advice that they have given me, because I am new to this business, has been unbiased and invaluable. They have both recognised the financial constraints and budgetary controls that I have to work within and have tailored their services accordingly."

"Intxt have constantly provided us with an efficient and reliable service which has allowed us to get messages to our contacts quickly and cost effectively. We have developed a great relationship with the team there who are all friendly, helpful and dedicated to their work. Absolutely no complaints from us and we would definitely recommend them to others!"